Discover our village

Population : 250 inhabitants.

St. Geyrac is a small picturesque commune crossed by the D6 , approximately 20 km to the South East of Perigueux, 8km from Rouffignac and some 5 km from the Chateau L’Herm.

Arriving from Perigueux, you will note Chateau Montferrier (XVIII century) which is surrounded by commons and a Louis XIII pavilion.

On the hillside opposite the chateau there is the country house of La Cotte, and the Chartreuse of La Grelerie (XVIII Century)

The Roman church is a visitor focus. The church was restored and renovated in the 15th century, and is decorated with a 13th Century portico. Inside the 12th century baptismal font anda17thcentiry crucifix. Above the door there is a a portrait of St. Francois de Salles, generously donated by a parishioner of St. Geyrac in 1739